My New Book: The Corn Whisperer

My new book, The Corn Whisperer, is here!

The Corn Whisperer is a trio of stories about young Charlie’s visits to his Grandfather Joe, a storyteller who lives at a pueblo.

It begins:

The small pickup whined to a stop in front of a mud-plastered house. Charlie looked around at the sun-baked pueblo. Everything was the color dirt. A shadow of worry crossed over his face. He clutched his Space Ranger and sighed. Tonight, his mom had to work at the hospital. And although they had visited grandfather here at the pueblo, Charlie had never stayed by himself.

Juanita picked up Charlie’s bag. “Maybe your grandfather will tell you a story. When I was your age, he would say, ‘Give me a listen, and I’ll give you a lesson.’”

The Corn Whisperer is about the power of storytelling when handed down from one generation to the next. Primarily written for grades 1-6, it is also a book for all ages. Now available on, The Corn Whisperer is published by Irie Books with original artwork by Ramon Shiloh.


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