The Corn Whisperer

The Corn Whisperer is a trio of stories involving various ancient legends. The first story begins with young Charlie telling his single mom he is worried about staying at the Pueblo with Grandfather Joe, her father. But Grandfather Joe is a storyteller and―by listening to grandfather’s traditional stories―Charlie learns how to live a better life. With each visit, Charlie grows more confident and closer to his grandfather. This is a touching story about the art of storytelling and its role in today’s changing world.


In retelling this charming set of stories, Sue Houser demonstrates how ancient Pueblo traditions manage to live on in today’s rapidly changing world, thanks to enduring family ties where elders help young children maintain their identity by sharing the culture’s deep origins.

:: Paul Zolbrod, Emeritus Professor of English, Allegheny College


When Charlie goes to visit his grandfather at the Pueblo, a whole new world opens up for him. From Grandfather Joe, an avid storyteller, Charlie learns the wisdom of his Native American roots.

:: Judith Schiess Avila, best-selling author of Code Talker: The First and Only Memoir by One of the Original Navajo Code Talkers of WWII.

The Corn Whisperer is published by Irie Books and is available on


  •  2017 Winner of the New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards in the Young Readers category.
  • The 2018 Historical Society of New Mexico Pablita Velarde Award – for an outstanding children’s publication related to New Mexico or Southwest borderlands history