Amelia and the Magic Ponies

In Amelia and the Magic Ponies, Los Caballitos has come to town! Amelia gets in line to ride the carousel, but when a thunderstorm blows in, the wooden ponies are hurriedly stashed in an old barn―and forgotten. The following year, Amelia goes in search of the enchanting little merry-go-round. Can she convince her grandfather to restore the damaged horses?

This book, written for 4-8 years old, parallels the story of Tio Vivo, an antique carousel that was found abandoned in Peñasco, New Mexico. In 1937, the Lions Club of Taos lovingly restored the carousel, then called Los Caballitos or Little Ponies. Artists then painted the ponies in bright, colorful designs. Renamed Tio Vivo, this charming carousel continues to take children on magical rides during Fiestas de Santiago y Santa Ana in Taos, New Mexico.

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